Current Work

This page will contain updates on work accepted for publication.

Two poems, Kitchen Familiar and Boxing Day, are forthcoming in Issue #8 of the Timberline Review.

Wayfare was accepted for publication in the 50th edition of RAIN magazine (Astoria, OR).

War Effort was selected by James Bertolino for the World Enough Writers’ Last Call: The Anthology of Beer, Wine, & Spirits Poetry published in 2018 by Concrete Wolf Press.

Labrys,from the sequence Sick Days, was selected as a finalist for the Letheon Prize and appeared in the Mind-to-Mind section of Anesthesiolgy in 2018.

Upon Delivery, Balancing Acts, Solstice, and Evening were chosen for the inaugural issue of Reflections of the Umpqua.

8 comments on “Current Work

  1. Judy Wood says:

    I love that!

  2. Linda Susens says:

    Oh my! You have absolutely captured the human tragedy. Well done!

    • Nancy Nowak says:

      Linda, I am so moved by your response, especially because I appreciate you very much as a writer. I will be changing the current work in a couple of weeks, along with adding a couple of things to the publications gallery. Thank you so much for looking into what I am posting.

  3. Susan Rochester says:

    Oh, how this captures South Stephens street.

    • Nancy Nowak says:

      Thank you–I was hoping someone who knows that route might read the poem. I’ve been inching my way through the sequence, trying to sustain a narrative without its being too linear.

  4. Judith Krauthamer says:

    Congratulations on War Effort.

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