Current Work

This page will contain updates on work accepted for publication.

War Effort was selected by James Bertolino for the World Enough Writers Beer, Wine, & Spirits Anthology, to be published by Concrete Wolf Press.

Labrys,from the sequence Sick Days, was selected as a finalist for the Letheon Prize and will be published in the Mind-to-Mind section of Anesthesiolgy in 2018.

Upon Delivery, Balancing Acts, Solstice, and Evening were chosen for the inaugural issue of Reflections of the Umpqua.

8 comments on “Current Work

  1. Judy Wood says:

    I love that!

  2. Linda Susens says:

    Oh my! You have absolutely captured the human tragedy. Well done!

    • Nancy Nowak says:

      Linda, I am so moved by your response, especially because I appreciate you very much as a writer. I will be changing the current work in a couple of weeks, along with adding a couple of things to the publications gallery. Thank you so much for looking into what I am posting.

  3. Susan Rochester says:

    Oh, how this captures South Stephens street.

    • Nancy Nowak says:

      Thank you–I was hoping someone who knows that route might read the poem. I’ve been inching my way through the sequence, trying to sustain a narrative without its being too linear.

  4. Judith Krauthamer says:

    Congratulations on War Effort.

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