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I’m sharing a link to Paula Usrey’s blog, which I would encourage everyone to read. One of its many pleasures is the newsletter; the issues contain interviews with many creative individuals.

On November 26, 2017, I participated in the River Road Reading series in Eugene, OR, along with poet Ana-Maurine Lara and essayist Robert Leo Heilman. Recordings of our readings can be found at

I organized a reading with UVAA to celebrate Oregon and the centennial year of the Arts Center building–but especially so others could hear some of my favorite writers–Amy Fair, Marguerite Garrison, and NiAodagain! The reading will take place October 7, 2017, beginning at 11:30, in the Arts Center Gallery II.  More information can be found by clicking the link below.





I will participate in the UCC Faculty Lecture Series once again. Many thanks to all the faculty members, especially Jan Woodcock, who ensure that this opportunity for learning continues to be made available to the community.


The 2014-2015 Umpqua Community College Faculty Lecture Series, established and organized by my amazing colleague Jan Woodcock, allowed me to present to an audience of Douglas County community members the journey I took from researching to writing my sabbatical project, Coordinates of Loss. (Please click on the flier to see the full range of lectures by our faculty.)

Faculty Lecture Series Flyer

In June I traveled to Chicago to celebrate my mother’s 90th birthday with her and my sisters and their partners. On the evening of Mom’s birthday, June 23, my sister Lois and her partner Lou became spouse and spouse: my brother-in-law Andrew performed the ceremony, my sister Patty was one of the ring bearers, and our mother gave the blessing. The poem I read was slightly revised from the original for the occasion. (Katie Steele composed a song cycle with all four sections of Walking Through the Heart as its lyrics.)

Walking Through the Heart

Under the microscope, two heart cells
separately pulsing:
Watch them touch and, without knowing,
synchronize, and beat together.

I can think of you and never know
what you are thinking,
hold you, sweetly breathing, without expecting
my breath to catch
like yours. I followed you
walking bare-headed in the rain
through Jefferson Park
each of us reading the other’s silence
wrongly. Yet at the sound of my voice

turn, speak, no code to be broken; touch
that leaves us unchanged
but touched; nothing,
everything, out of the ordinary.


As I have no news to announce, I will begin the new year, 2014, with a hope: to collaborate with other writers whose work I admire to organize readings in this area, including on-campus events.

I will be participating in a poetry reading at Umpqua Community College to celebrate National Poetry Month. The reading is sponsored in part by UCC’s local chapter of AAWCC.

I was invited to be the featured writer at this month’s Poets’ Night Out. The reading will take place Thursday, June 21, in Roseburg at My Coffee & Wine Experience (1700 Garden Valley) and will start at 6:45. I especially look forward to the Call & Response portion of the evening!PoetryReadingFlyerPoetryReadingFlyer

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