Featured Work

This poem and some words (including mine) about poetry appear in the December 2020 issue of Paula Usrey’s newsletter Boomer Best U (https://boomerbestu.com), a wonderful publication filled with helpful information and valuable insights.


This flock, nebula
interweaving above

dry grass along the interstate
lands to greet, open-billed, its
minute of earth, descendant

of Hotspur’s threat to Henry the king:
I’ll have a starling shall be taught to speak
…to keep his anger in motion

and the 1890 crate of Europeans
released in Central Park, Manhattan
to illustrate a prosperous German
immigrant’s love of Shakespeare.

Emigrating south or over the plains
and Rockies, scores of birds
in resolute parties accumulated into

thousands succeeding
native species or else
with no dispute
living among them. Despised. Yet

if this were the last field of them, how
lonely, how ivory

our praise would be for lustrous
black feathers, sunlit green and violet
flecked in winter

with white, sprung
yellow bills, the sometimes chatter, purr
or scream, voices at times mimicking
hawk, sparrow
accusingly, our song.