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Kitchen Familiar appears in The Timberline Review Issue #8: Home. The poem is part of a sequence, Suit of Hearts, written to honor the memory of Catherine Lynn Steele, composer, musician, and dear friend Katie.

Kitchen Familiar
In your darkened
city, week-old snow remains
pocked by ash and gravel; sadness

 is the web that brushes
against your face, stray
lock of hair, stray thought, ground
note you hear
in every harmony. But as
you assemble
Spanish chorizo, prawns, the pale
flesh of mussels, pearls
of rice, your
knife blade coming down
decisively, a dagger
of winter sunlight cuts across
threads of saffron
and the lover you have
imagined sweeps
onion into a sizzling paellera. Heat
warms the face
he turns toward you, his wrist, thigh
now brush against yours, displace
that veil. Vanishing
to the highest ledge
your kitchen familiar, a gray
cat, looms over your solitary industry.
One flute
of Cava; flan, the table, both set perfectly.
Soon, the company of friends.